Waterfall Yoga

Come join us on a beautiful morning hike that takes us to a secluded waterfall where we can center ourselves with a surreal Yoga session. 

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Waterfall Adventure


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Archaeological Hikes


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Being an archaeologist here in Hawaii for over 9 years has given me some in site into the way of life that was lived arguably 800 to 1,000 years ago. 

I have had the privelege to visit a lot of these incredible places that were once home sites, ceremonial centers, and just special places that the normal hiker would normally just walk past.

Come along and we can cater an archaeological trip just for you. 



Farming sites

Home sites

Sacred areas (due to the sensitivity to these areas we will go near them but not enter) 


Historical Knowledge

Cultural Experience



Drinks (Fresh coconuts when available)

The meal is always locally sourced and a replica of what the diet was back in pre-contact days.