Bigwave Tours and Fishing Charters


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This is seasonal and is only available when the wave is breaking. 

Please contact us to see when the wave will be breaking to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

It is a four hour tour usually done at sunrise. We zip out see this incredible phenomenon from the water take in the scene and head back.

We can troll along the way and go out fishing as well if desired. 

Foil Board Leasons


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For one hour we get you set up and able to hopefully ride a foil board.

We basically have you tow behind the boat at a slow enough speed to allow you to hopefully catch a wave and ride it for a bit. 

This is a great way to get into this sport. 

Classic Down Winder Mission!


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This is not for the faint of heart.

You need to be in shape and I can not stress this enough.

We have a variety of ways of doing a down winder that will cater to your ability.

The vehicles of the mission can be;


Stand Up Paddle Board

Foil Board

Choose your board and then we can begin. The max mileage is 9 miles but we can do a variation depending on skill level and can come in at anytime if requested. 

It is an incredible experience and a great way to see the North Shore of Maui.